Little Seed – SHE Holiday Handbook

Little seeds are sound-bite posts where I share a quick thought, video, article, or some other bit of interesting information.

Hi everyone! I’m stopping in today to share with you a Holiday Handbook I stumbled across over Thanksgiving (thanks to Instagram!). It’s by SHE Changes Everything (where the SHE stands for Sustainable. Healthy. Ethical. 😉 ) and includes tons of information to have a sustainable, healthy, and ethical Christmas (or holiday season). According to their website, the guide contains

55+ of our best tips, simple swaps, favorite women-owned, sustainable, healthy, ethical, fair trade companies and gifts that give back to help you DOUBLE THE JOY this season because as the old Swedish proverb says, “Shared joy is double joy.

It includes a Fair Trade holiday baking guide, sustainable tips, gifts that give back, and more. I have already downloaded the handbook and am in the process of reading (and re-reading) it. I really love their Wrapping Paper Alternatives section – such great ideas for dealing with something that is normally so wasteful. I expect it will be a go-to resource for me the entire season, and have already recommended that a bunch of family and friends download it as well. It’s definitely worth checking out! If you’d like to get your own copy, you can through the SHE Changes Everything website here.

If you download it, let me know what your favorite parts were. Do you have any tips for being sustainable during the holidays? I’d love to hear!


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I live in upstate NY and am trying to live a more sustainable life. Join me!

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