Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Hi Everyone! Who is excited for the holidays? I love this time of year! All the holiday cheer, the lights, the warm and cozy feelings, getting together with friends and family, it’s the best! One of my favorite things is getting gifts for everyone. I like to keep a list and a basket where I can track ideas or gifts that I pick up throughout the year, so when Christmas comes, I have something ready to go. In case you’re not crazy like me though, I’ve pulled together a bunch of eco-friendly gift ideas.

Let’s start with the ladies!EcoFriendly Gifts for Her

  1. Owl Candle Gift Set – How cute are these? Owls are totally having a moment right now and what better way to show them off than with these adorable candles? They’re made out of beeswax which is non-toxic, natural, burns longer, and with hardly any smoke.
  2. Organic Spray Deodorant – Not the most fun gift, but for someone trying to live more environmentally and health consciously, this would make a great stocking stuffer.
  3. Custom Cork Trivet – This trivet set comes with four matching coasters. These are great for people who like to entertain, or perhaps a couple who just moved into a new house.
  4. Arrows Tote – Who doesn’t love a tote bag? They’re useful for the grocery store, farmer’s market, road trip, or just to have on hand for everyday life. This bag is made with cotton canvas and printed with water-based non-toxic inks.
  5. Glass Flower Vase – I love these little vases. I think they would look beautiful for the holidays with some pointsettas in them, maybe hung on a curtain rod. And then some fresh cut flowers in the spring! How pretty!
  6. Soy Candle Set – Apparently I’m on a candle kick. Here is another set if you know someone that loves candles but doesn’t like the chemicals that come with petroleum-based paraffin wax. Soy wax is non-toxic, is less likely to trigger allergies, burns cooler, and generally lasts 30-50% longer than paraffin candles.
  7. GrowOya – This is a vessel made out of porous terracotta that self-waters plants slowly at the roots produces a water saving up to 50-70%. If you know a gardener, or a gardener wannabe, this might help kick their game up a notch!
  8. Mindfulness Tone Necklace –  This is great for anyone who likes to meditate or may be practicing mindfulness. The necklace holds a tiny flute which plays a tone believed to help calm our minds and bodies (according to the website).
  9. Slipper Socks – these aren’t the most sustainable or eco-friendly, but by wearing super warm and comfy socks in the winter, they can help keep you warm instead of bumping up the heat or using a space heater
  10. Organic Cotton Cable Knit Throw – I’ll be honest, I have way more blankets than I could ever possibly need, but I love them. There is something so wonderful about snuggling up with a cozy blanket when it’s cold and snowy outside. This one is made with 100% certified organic cotton so it’s good for you and the environment!
  11. Tagua Necklace – This necklace is made from tagua nuts and is just gorgeous! I love the bold statement of it and the beautiful color! It could go with work clothes and be dressy, or with jeans and a tee for a more casual look.
  12. Statement Necklace – There’s something about this necklace. It’s made from tagua nuts like the previous necklace, but I think it looks like a cactus and I kind of love it!

Now for those guys in your life! For Him

  1. Grid It Organization System – Who else has TONS of cables to go with all their gadgets? This helps keep them all organized so you can find all the cords you need when you need them!
  2. Leather Travel Mug Cozy – Made with full grain vegetable tanned leather, and it acts as an insulating sleeve for all beverages.
  3. Leather Catchalls – These leather catchalls can help corral all the things men keep in their pockets – spare change, collar stays, keys, wallet, business cards, etc.
  4. Whale Key Chain – This key chain is made from upcycled bicycle tubes and would be prefect for a cyclist or someone who loves whales. It would be a really cute stocking stuffer, especially if you know of someone that might be getting their drivers license.
  5. Urban Agriculture Herb Grow Kit – Do you know anyone who lives in a city or urban environment who would love to grow some fresh herbs? This kit would be right up their alley
  6. Pop-up Portable Grill – This is great for the outdoorsy guy! This pop up grill is great for camping, the beach, or any other place someone would want to do some grilling. Disclaimer – it is coated with teflon which I’m not a huge fan of, but if you do buy teflon, or use other cooking materials on top of the grill, then this is a great option!
  7. ReFleece Device Case – These are great for the tech guy in your life. Maybe he has a kindle or iPad, and needs a cover for when he throws it in his bag. All the ReFleece cases are made from reclaimed fleeces through Patagonia’s Common Threads program
  8. Napa Soap Company – Shaving has become quite the industry for men these days! Treat the guy in your life to a luxurious shave with this shaving kit. It includes natural shaving soap and a vegan-approved shaving brush. It sounds quite pampering if you ask me.
  9. Waxed Canvas Lunch Box – I know a lot of people are moving toward bringing lunch to work these days. It’s healthier, better for the environment too depending on what you bring, and there’s the potential for less packaging waste! This cool lunch box is very masculine and would make a great gift if a guy in  your life is looking to make the bringing-lunch-plunge.
  10. Vegan Leather Wrap Bracelet – This bracelet is made from cork which is organic, biodegradable, waterproof, fire resistant, and ideal for any climate including high humidity. I think this bracelet could be a good gift for a guy or girl; I would wear it!

Here are some ideas if you have any kiddos on your list: Eco-friendly gifts for kids

  1. Wooden Camel Toy – This little camel is hand crafted from solid beech wood. This would be a perfect toy for a little kid that’s starting to walk and wants something to tow behind them.
  2. Handmade Wooden Blocks – Natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly blocks would make such a great gift! This set has plenty of block options that would allow a little tyke to grow their imagination while they play.
  3. Crochet stuffed animals – These stuffed animals are SUPER cute and on top of that, they’re Fair Trade and made with 100% cotton in rural Bangladesh. I love the donkey!
  4. Eco-Friendly Dump Truck – What kid doesn’t love a toy truck? This one is made in the USA from a composite that includes sawdust from US furniture manufacturers. It doesn’t contain any glue, paint, or BPA.
  5. Upcycled Play Track – Everyone needs a track for their toy trucks and cars! this one is sustainably made in the US from paper waste and is completely plastic-free. It is non-toxic and child safe – a great combination!
  6. Puzzle Dinosaur – This cute little puzzle dinosaur would be great for a toddler working on his or her fine motor skills. It is made from natural wood and has a coating of beeswax and natural oil.
  7. Needle Felted Penguin – I LOVE these little penguins! They are so cute, and made with 100% wool. They would make a cute little stocking stuffer for sure!

And last, but certainly not least, for the pets! Eco-friendly gifts for pets

  1. Cat Cave – How fun is this!? Cats love being in caves and being cozy so I bet this would be a big win! Plus, they are made with sustainably sourced wool, all natural cat-safe dyes, they’re non-toxic, biodegradable, and are made with Fair Trade practices.
  2. Cat Nip Yoga Mat – I don’t know about you but whenever I try to do yoga, my cat tries to do it with me! It would be great if he had his own mat so he could do some on his own. 😉 The mat and dyes are latex-free, phthalate-free, and non-toxic so they’re perfect for your furry friend.
  3. Self Contained All Natural Litterbox – If you’re looking to “green” up your pet scene, try out this biodegradable, completely self-contained, disposable litter system for cats. It includes a cardboard box, biodegradable waste bags, pine pellets, and is coated with a clear soy-based coating to block moisture.
  4. Odin Dog Puzzle Toy – Keep your pup busy by popping a treat in this toy and letting them work it out. Its shape rolls and bounces unpredictably, promoting mental stimulation as well as slower eating. It is BPA-free and food-safe so you can feel safe giving it to your pet to play with.
  5. Animal Head Dog Toy – These toys are all natural, made with all natural wool, they’re non-toxic, biodegradable, and made with Fair Trade practices. Can’t ask for much more than that!
  6. Cube shaped recycled tennis ball pet toy – I don’t know about you, but I know a pup that would go crazy for this tennis ball toy! It is made out of recycled tennis balls and hemp so it has a small impact on the planet as well.

Let me know if you grab any of these gifts, or have any other sustainable, earth friendly gift options to share! I’d love to hear if you have any favorite shops or go-to gifts!


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