Little Seed – Build Better Habits

Little seeds are sound-bite posts where I share a quick thought, video, article, or some other bit of interesting information.

Today I’m coming to you with some timely help with creating new habits! A lot of living a greener, more sustainable life boils down to creating new habits that align with that lifestyle. Bringing your lunch to work, combining errands, recycling, reusing things, buying and using less, making decisions to buy from responsible brands, and so on are all little tweaks to everyday life that add up to a lot! But creating new habits can be a challenge.

That’s why today I am sharing a blog post and quiz from Gretchen Rubin who is a very well known author and podcaster focusing on happiness and how habits create a better life.

Gretchen recently posted about making New Years resolutions right for you, rather than making the normal proclamations such as “I want to exercise more!”.  I recommend reading through this post to think about how you can make better resolutions.

Additionally, Gretchen has created a personality test of sorts to determine how you can best form and stick to habits. You can take that quiz here.

When thinking about the upcoming year, and the changes you want to make, a lot of things to live more sustainably are not only good for the environment, but also good for you. If you decide to make any changes to be greener, let me know! I love to hear what other people are doing!


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I live in upstate NY and am trying to live a more sustainable life. Join me!

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