Little Seed – Project 333

Little seeds are sound-bite posts where I share a quick thought, video, article, or some other bit of interesting information.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a Little Seed about the Minimalism Documentary. During the video, I was introduced to Project 333 and it caught my attention. Project 333 is the minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months. I’ve been thinking about it since I saw the documentary and I think I’m going to give it a try. It would be a great way to clean out my closet and simplify for the spring weather that is finally making an appearance. 

Since I learned about Project 333, I’ve tried to pay a little more attention to what I’m wearing as well as clothes in my closet that I haven’t worn in months (or even years in some cases). I do try to be conscious of the clothes (and products) that I buy, but one of the best ways to live sustainably is to not buy more things in the first place! I intend to go through my closet this weekend and pare it down to 33 items that I will live, work, and play in for the next 3 months. If you’d like to join in, visit the Project 333 website here to read the rules, get a quick-start guide, and find links to other helpful sources. For those of you that follow me on social media, I plan to post my progress via Instagram Stories on Sunday to show you all how I’m doing! *Disclaimer – I’ve never used Instagram Storied before so bear with me while I test it out this weekend!* 🙂

Have you ever done something like this where you minimized your wardrobe or another aspect of your life? What was your experience? Any helpful tips?


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I live in upstate NY and am trying to live a more sustainable life. Join me!

2 thoughts on “Little Seed – Project 333

  1. Hello! I’ve done Project 333 — or something like it. My wardrobe fluctuates, so I’m never at 33 items for the full three months. I’ve had a little more and a little less.

    Using the principles of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up really helped me let go of many of the items that I held onto for sentimental reasons.

    I do think that the wardrobe is one area that calls for more refinement over time. Our tastes change, our bodies change, etc.

    Good luck!


    1. Thanks so much for your input! I started paring everything down yesterday to get closer to 33 items. I got rid of a lot of clothes that I don’t like/never wear but what’s left in my closet is stuff I really like and think I wear often so the next step is going to be more difficult. It helps to hear from people that have done this before! 😊


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